BMW 7-Series luxury exposed image with glitter

Hotnewstoday: From the first days of 2015, the first image of large luxury sedan BMW 7-Series in 2016 has begun to appear on the network. Therefore, we can say, the latest version of the most luxurious cars in the BMW family is no stranger to the world of fans. However, the images "glitter" of the latest BMW 7-Series 2016 still makes people excited.

The latest image capture part of the BMW 7-Series hip in 2016 first appeared on German Bimmer Today. Reportedly, a Bimmer Today's readers have sent this image to the editor. Thereby, one can clearly see the BMW 7-Series new version comes pretty much chromed details. The main design brought glitter image for the BMW 7-Series 2016. Of course, the BMW 7-Series 2016 in the new image of the premium may Luxury Line.

As a result, BMW 7-Series new generation will be equipped with hull structure of carbon fiber to reduce weight of 130 kg compared to earlier versions. Besides, "the pioneer" of the BMW family also comes a new generation of engines, including gasoline 6-cylinder comes straight line BMW TwinPower Turbo technology. The power is transmitted to the cake through Steptronic gearbox 8 levels significantly reduces the amount of fuel consumed.

Also, according to BMW, the flexibility of steering and driving experience has been improved thanks to the new air suspension system. In terms of technology, the BMW 7-Series 2016 for the first time fitted iDrive operating system with touch screen and gesture controls.

Expectedly, the BMW 7-Series new generation will debut at Frankfurt 2015 exhibition held in September this year. Of course, photos and official information of the BMW 7-Series 2016 will be announced earlier.