Nokia smartphone produced back in 2016

Re / code has published information saying that Nokia is planning to return to the mobile phone market in 2016. The source also described, the Finnish manufacturer is "conspiracy quietly back back "to seek to dominate the market as heyday.

Reportedly, Nokia Technologies division is currently embarking and designing new phone, this is the group has released the Nokia N1. In addition, Nokia is researching the development of virtual reality device array unclear but they have to launch the product to compete with Samsung, Facebook or not. This department is responsible for the management and use of more than 10,000 granted patents of Nokia.

Specifically, Nokia Technologies have two products that interface launcher and Z Android tablet Nokia N1. Tablet Nokia N1 is designed by Nokia but by Foxconn (China) production and distribution in the Chinese market. Most likely next year Nokia will adopt this strategy for mobile phones.

Nokia will build towards a market approach phones for new product lines in the same way they did for tablet N1. The company responsible for the design, and production and marketing will be the partner in charge.

The rumored Nokia smartphone back to appear after the company announced the acquisition Alcatel-Lucent to 16.6 billion USD.

The reason Nokia Telecom seeks to return to the mobile market because, after a long period of time loss, in May 9/2013, Nokia has sold the equipment parts for his partner at the time was Microsoft, along with a number of related patents and rights to use the service map HERE. The deal is worth $ 7.2 billion, including $ 5 billion for parts and equipment and $ 2.2 billion to Microsoft owns several patents of Nokia. However, by early 2014, the transfer process to complete. At that time, about 32,000 employees of Nokia will work for Microsoft.

This acquisition allows Microsoft the right to use the brand Nokia in a time, and continue to produce phones Nokia in 2015. However, the last end of 2014 Microsoft announced the death would brand "Nokia" in the name call of smartphones that will use Microsoft Lumia brand.

Based on the sales contract between the two parties, they are not allowed to launch Nokia smartphone until the end of 2015. However, this is precious time for the Finnish manufacturer can plan in detail, and market research before launching new products in 2016.