Night fasting reduces the risk of diabetes and breast cancer

Many studies have shown that fasting at night is good for health, reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes and breast cancer. Eating at night to avoid the occurrence of the metabolism of the body in conjunction with sleep-wake cycle of nature.

Eat regular meals at certain times then adjust the time between dinner and breakfast because it helps regulate blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of illness.

20% of women who fasted the night for 3 hours less likely to hyperglycemia or high blood sugar - the factors that lead to breast cancer and diabetes.

Catherine Marina - PhD at the University of California, said: "Increased fasting night time is a new strategy to reduce the risk of breast cancer. This is a change of diet simply that we believe most women are able to understand and accept. "

Fasting night in 3 days can recreate the entire immune system. Many previous studies indicate that women with type 2 diabetes by 23% risk of developing breast cancer. Those who work the night often suffer from this disease than by their diet.

More than 2000 women participated in the study by recording their time sleeping and eating from 2009 to 2010.

Tips to prevent cancer usually eat less red meat, alcohol and refined grains and increased intake of plant foods.

Moreover eat within 12 hours also helps in weight loss.

The researchers also emphasize the night fasting affects glucose absorption. They should have a positive lifestyle, limit alcohol to have a healthy life.

The study was published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Cancer Prevention