The purpose of the Russian military buildup on the Arctic

Russia said that Arctic ice is melting and Moscow are doing everything possible to gain advantage for themselves to changing physical environment and strategy.

To enforce its claims in the Arctic, Moscow has stepped up its military presence on the northern coast. This includes the reopening of the grounds of the former Soviet Union, plays the new ship and set up a new military commander.

This build is part of a long-term strategy of Russia. Arctic was too cold to be road transport or resource extraction. But that will change in the coming years, and Russia are trying to ensure that they have the advantage when the Arctic could be exploited.

Anton Lavrov, an analyst with the Center for Analysis of Strategies in Moscow wrote: "These efforts can not be explained by any requirements of today and the near future. Russia did not face any military threat directly from the north. The military buildup in the Arctic is to pursue long-term goals."

Russian soldiers are trained to deploy to the Arctic.

The latest development of the Russian military in the Arctic is the creation of the agency commanders common strategy in the North (JSCN) based on the old North Sea Fleet. This agency has a fleet of 40 vessels with water and a submarine fleet consisted of 40 vessels, but sometimes 40% to 70% of the vessels which can not be used.

According to the Institute of International Relations Poland, JSCN will not be a conventional naval fleet. Agencies will eventually commanded a division rooms, two mechanized brigades Arctic, a marine infantry brigade, a missile defense system the coast and the involvement of the missile regiments in the remote archipelago in northern North Ocean.

As part of the air defense regiment, Moscow is moving total of 9 air defense system S-400 Triumph to coast. The S-400 missile is a missile system range can not control a variety of targets including aircraft, missiles. It can strike targets at a distance of 250 miles (400 km) and at a maximum altitude of 18.6 km.

New infrastructure in the north coast of Russia will support the military buildup. The grounds of the former Soviet Union abandoned are being reopened and the new terminal at the new airport will be built. Russia plans to open 10 stations for search and rescue in the Arctic, 16 deep-water ports, 13 airports and 10 air defense radar station on the Arctic coast of them.

Once completed, the project will "allow the use of larger bombers". Professor Mark Galeotti of New York University specializing in Russian in The Moscow Times wrote: "By 2025, the Arctic Ocean will be a fleet of stealth bombers PAK DA next generation patrol".

The construction of a new base in the Arctic is consistent with the new military doctrine of Russia, which was signed into law on October 26/12 last year. New Theory clear that NATO military expansion is the main security threat to Russia. Besides, the theory also emphasizes Russia should consolidate three major political fronts.

At the heart of Russia in the Arctic comes from the natural resources beneath the ice. US estimates that 15% oil, 30% natural gas and 20% of liquefied remains of the earth beneath the Arctic seabed.