Russian warships in the Black Sea exercises NATO response

Bora hovercraft class of Russia.

Black Sea Fleet warships are carrying out military exercises with the aim of attacking the bombers in the context of six NATO warships are performing the exercises at sea.

According to Captain Vyacheslav Trukhachyov - the head of the agency's information supporting the Black Sea Fleet, a group of ships of the Fleet tactics are carried out military exercises targeted against bombers and warships enemy.

Trukhachyov He said: "A hovercraft vessel classes as well as classes Ivanovets Bora and other auxiliary ships were conducting maritime combat exercises using rockets and artillery against the target simulation".

He also said the ship would soon organize naval exercises using air defense system with the goal against the bombers in the area. A bomber Su-24 aircraft will pretend to face the enemy ships and seaplanes a Be-12 will drop the airborne targets for warships.

The exercise of the Russian Navy currently taking place simultaneously with the NATO naval exercises in the Black Sea. On 4/3, six NATO warships, including vessels of Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania to the Black Sea have started joint exercises.