The latest findings about the mysterious Yeti

In the legend, the Yeti is known to be a huge creature, hairy, human-like walking. Many assumptions have been proposed to explain the mysterious creature.

Research by scientists at the University of Oxford previously showed Yeti is actually a large polar bear. But after studying the collected hair samples, the American experts concluded, Yeti is a brown bear.

In 2013, Professor Bryan Sykes of Oxford University said the two hairs (a sepia - obtained in the bamboo forest 10 years ago and a yellow-brown hairs obtained from the border of Tibet - India 40 years ago ) revealed to us in a strange bears never identified, or it belongs to a cross between a bear and brown bear, polar bear.

But research by Eliecer Gutiérrez Smithsonian Institution and Ronald Pine Biodiversity Institute and Museum of Natural History at the University of Kansas, the DNA of the hairs showed that there is a Himalayan brown bear.

Gutiérrez and Pine shown that genetic variation in the brown bear makes us difficult to identify with certainty. By genetically, the samples may come from one of two species (brown bear and polar bear) but for regular brown bears living in the Himalayas should Gutiérrez and Pine think, which is the basis to believe they are Himalayan brown bears often.

In the new study, Gutiérrez and Pine also examined gene sequencing and analysis of the way in which today bears ownership - including polar bears, brown bears extinct Eurasian bears.

According to experts, this finding helps them understand more about the unexpectedly large gap between the evolution of the Asian subspecies bears. Gutiérrez concluded, "In fact, a research overview of the genetic and morphological populations of brown bears in Asia during the period has not yet been carried out. If so, make sure the study will provide more interesting results. "

New research published in the journal ZooKeys.