Solar Power Systems in Latin America's largest operational

Honduras was officially launched production systems powered by solar energy the largest in Latin America, with a total area of absorption of solar panels is 35,000 m2 and a maximum capacity of 3 MW.

Solar energy facilities are located on the roof of Emsula bottling plant in the city of San Pedro Sula, to serve industrial zone of the largest Honduras.

The installation of solar panels have a lifespan of about 25 years on the roof of the plant will help reduce 31,500 tons of carbon Emsula revelation carbon each year and thousands of barrels of crude oil imported for the power plant.

The solar panels also have a cooling effect inside the plant, improving the working conditions of workers. Solar energy facilities by the company responsible for construction Smartsolar, with a total investment of USD 23 million. Inter-American Bank (IDB) provides preferential credits of $ 10 million.

Despite being a tropical country with great potential power production sun, but San Pedro Sula was the first class project in Honduras exploit this advantage. Last year, Honduras adopted the Law on Promotion of energy production, which called on investors to promote the project in this field.