IBM X-Force: Leak 1 billion records of information that can identify individuals

The website interface of security incidents interaction of IBM.

At IBM SolutionsConnect Conference 2015 took place on the morning of 24/3, IBM Vietnam has broadcast a message stating that at least 1 billion records of information that can identify an individual has been detected leak in 2014.

The figures in the report information about the security risks of the Division of Research and Development IBM X-Force.

In addition, IBM X-Force 4/2014 you have listed more than 9,200 new vulnerabilities, affecting more than 2,600 independent suppliers (8.9% compared with 2013).

The report also noted the number of security incidents in the United States is much higher than other countries at 74.5%; the majority of the most common types of attacks were not disclosed (40.2%), which attacks and DDoS malware was second with 17.2% for each type.

The researchers said that the cause of this increase is mainly due to ignorance about the security of the software development.

The report also showed an increase of security vulnerabilities due to "designer," the holes become increasingly dangerous and easily identifiable, in association with the names and memorable logo.

IBM also said side, IBM X-Force launches website on security incidents interaction to help users get more information about the security violation was publicized in time at http: //