NASA probe set a record for distance running on Mars

The path of self-propelled vessels Opportunity Mars exploration since worked on this planet from month to month 7/2014 1/2004

Mars probe Opportunity Agency of the US Space Administration (NASA) has become the first means of human completed the marathon distance on another planet - a feat was done in record time continents over 11 years.

As of the date of 24/3, Opportunity rover has come a long way over 42km, the standard distance of a marathon, after almost 11 years and 2 months move on Mars terrain, exceeding initial expectations head of the science of mission lasted only a few months.

Landed in Eagle Crater on Mars in January 1/2004, robot powered by solar energy has completed the journey on.

John Callas, project manager of the probe Opportunity Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA in Pasadena, California said: "This is the first time a product of man's traveling for a marathon on the surface of another planet. "

In Mission Red Planet probe, Opportunity and the twin rover Spirit - is deactivated - has discovered the wet environmental conditions that existed on Mars, in which some suitable conditions for the development of life.

Steve Squyres, who oversees the operation of the probe, the assessment: "This mission is not to set the record for the distance at which to understand the scientific issues on Mars and inspire expeditions in the future. "

Opportunity probe was tasked to explore the edge of Endeavour crater on Mars after its operating time exceeds the expectations of scientists.

In June last year, this robot has broken the record for the farthest distance a means of moving people on a celestial body, previously belonging to probe Soviet Lunokhod program 2, landed on the Moon in 1973.

Meanwhile, landed on Mars in 2012, curiousity probe size is much larger and equipped with sophisticated scientific equipment, has the ability to detect microbial life ever existed on this planet .