Explore caves hidden traces of ancient world

The mysterious cave in the world carries traces of ancient mummies thousands of years, quickly attracted the attention of scientists and research groups habitat.

Smoked Cave mummies thousands of years ago

Few people know that in the dark caves in remote areas of the Philippines is still the tomb containing the mummy smoked thousands of years ago. According to the Daily Mail dated 21/1, the Ibaloi, an ancient race of people living in the Philippines from 1000 years ago have smoked custom of embalming the dead died. The mummy known as "mummy fire".

Mysterious caves mummies from thousands of years smoked

Mummification Process Smoked not exist in this country 400 years ago. However, there still exist many tombs still the "mummy fire" completely original, even the tattoos on the hands and feet of the mummy. It is believed that in the Philippines there are 80 caves are sacred resting place of the "mummy fire". Only old people's Ibaloi tribe knows the exact location of the cave as well as embalming technique is strange.

Kingdom mysterious cave in the Himalayas

Lies hidden within the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal, thousands of artificial cave, situated 47 meters above the ground to the ancient kingdom of Mustang has created one of the greatest archaeological mysteries of the world. An estimated 10,000 special caves have been discovered in the central and northern Nepal. The surprising thing is, some cave deep inside the canyon cliffs, while others are digging a tunnel from the top down.

Thousands of holes formed on the crags and fragile shelf valley located Approximately 50 meters to make the viewer the impression of a giant sand castle. Until now, Scientists are still not clear who the author of the cave Thousands of years old or so chúng build added.

Currently, Most of the caves where are empty. Tuy nhiên, the archaeologists have found the Evidence như stoves, seed containers, bedroom, ... allusion here once inhabited. In 2010, some experts cũng found the skull, teeth, limbs, as well as some of the items in the casket at a Funeral like this.

Until about 1000 years ago, it became the home of the Mustang family, so winter here is very warm. Only in the 13th century, people began migrating into the traditional villages in the valley.

Because located in the geographical location relatively rugged, the "cave in heaven" and the kingdom Mustang has really forgotten until the adventurers "rediscovered" in 1981. Kingdom of Mustang are arguably the best-preserved example of traditional Tibetan life in the world.

Mystery fingerprints in ancient cave

The art of painting in ancient caves with hand image which is said to be the product of the male hunters. However, a recent study shows that the hand sign of the woman of her time.

These findings make changes archaeological theory that ancient artists were men, they recorded the feat and graphics of animals such as bison, reindeer, horses and mammoths ... The Dean Snow archeology at the University of Pennsylvania have done their research from a decade ago, serial works of John Manning, British biologist fingers that men and women have length relatively different.

Pictures of colorful hand found in Pech Merle cave popular in southern France. Snow told National Geographic that initially looked at his hands that which is man, but through the study of Manning, it certainly marks the hands of women.

Mysterious caves traces of the Maya

Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico appear scattered thousands of mysterious cave once the refuge of the prehistoric and later became the holy sacrifice of the Maya.

The remains of more than 125 people located in Las Calaveras natural deep well that nobody knows why and how they are there. The natural deep wells on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico is considered the underground world contains many beautiful and mysterious. They appear as part of the ceiling collapsed underground limestone caves. Some rain flooded holes, while others lead to groundwater and connect with the giant cave maze.

In the Stone Age, underground caves (then dry) was used as accommodation for people and buried the dead. Later, the Maya did not dare to the wells because they see it as the gateway or portal to the underworld Xibalba (meaning "fear"). The first time the underground cave was shot in 3D camera and the documentary "The Cave of the Dead" will be released in spring 2013.

Finding the cave underground labyrinth between the jungle is extremely difficult, and the expedition is a challenge right dangerous. Only the lights keep scientists do not get lost in thick darkness and avoid being trapped between the narrow opening. Some wells deeper than 100 meters and compressed air is no longer enough at this depth.