2,000 Russian soldiers exercises border with Estonia and Latvia

Lính nhảy dù Nga trong một cuộc tập trận

2,000 Russian troops participating in military exercises in the western area - adjacent to Estonia and Latvia, a move that reflected the military power that the neighboring country must stay alert.

The exercise took place in the Pskov (Russia) - 2 member states bordering the European Union (EU) as Estonia and Latvia - extending to 28.2 days, a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry Irina Kruglova told AFP.

There are 2,000 troops, including 1,500 paratroopers will conduct exercises to conquer and destroy the enemy base simulator.

Since the conflict in eastern Ukraine exploded in April 4.2014 so far, Russia has conducted a series of military exercises that the neighboring countries and the West must be vigilant.

Lithuania 24.2 days said it will re-apply the compulsory enlistment in late 2015 to prevent Russia.

As Estonia celebrates Independence Day on July parade 24.2 screen display with the military air forces of NATO troops along the country near the border with Russia.