Official launch of Honda HR-V in October, price 'within reach'

Honda HR-V imported complete unit from Thailand has been sold in Vietnam market at prices within reach of many people.

According to the latest information, Honda has announced the price for the car in October / 1818. Specifically, the car imported from Thailand Honda HR-V is 786 million for the G version, 886 million for the L version and if customers want to choose the version of L is white or red, the price increases to the level. VND 871 million. Previously, Honda had expected the price of HR-V would be less than 900 million.

B-type HR-V SUV has exterior design similar to the "new Honda CR-V" man, possessing dynamic design, youthful, with angular lines. Length 4,334 mm, width 1,772 mm, height 1,605 mm.

One of the highlights of the HR-V is the full LED front and rear lights. The side of the car is prominent with embossed lines extending from the headlight to the tail lights. The interior of the car is designed with adjustable air conditioning system with Magic seat features 3 flexible mode.

The engine used for the car is the 1.8L, with a maximum power of 141 hp at 6,500 rpm, 172 Nm of torque at 4,300 rpm, with the familiar CVT gearbox.

The Honda HR-V also comes with a range of modern, operational and safety features such as: Electronic Brake Assist, Brake hold, Electronic VSA, ...

Honda HR-V will compete in the B-SUV segment with competitors such as Ford EcoSport and Hyundai Kona.