Share the experience of buying old cars ' good as new '

When not enough budget, consumers often think to buy a car used cars or old cars. But buying old cars are also full of risks if not know the car purchase.

With the process of vehicle maintenance, maintenance at the airline's maintenance point airport, the users can rest assured, just bring the car into the Agency and require test is can know the whole process uses as well as failure.

But with the old cars not on the airline maintenance? How to buy a used car when on the market, the old knuckle type not on airline maintenance are appearing and sold pretty much rampant?

Check out the door: this is the best use of your car or should need close examination. Close to, open multiple views can not close door, when closed there on suicide not, there were openings or not experienced. If the car had collided and the door will not fit as original.

You use the moderate force pushing the car into the doors, if played right, the original is still new to the powerful closing if it should review carefully. Check the glue just weld the doors, if the glue only intact, not all, thickness, biliary press nails into soft, elastic and light shows are original car door, yet must go back to Korea.

Check the gust machine: open the lid and see the underside up capo gust air has leaked viscosity? If the leak, the more likely your worn washers, causing openings. Remove viscous lubricant out there visit Rod dents do not, see the wiring has not original, has many connections. If there are any signs would need to look carefully to avoid buying a car has to do more.

Check carefully the section base, usually 4 feet (engine mount) rubber, and there catch the bolts in the chassis. If broken tripod will cause the phenomenon of shock when pa, replacement cost is very expensive. Consider the 4 screws bolts signs were removed, if the signs removed, then be sure the machine has been reset.

Check the chassis: this part is very important to influence the ability of operators when buying old cars about. Bow down and carefully review the si Iron Rod sign back and repainted? If there are signs of rod, should not buy because the car has a serious accident, the car's performance is affected very much.

Test drive: When going to buy old cars have to go try the car, if the seller does not give test drive then best not to buy. First, the buyer deals air shock vibration not available view burst, if shaken shock then surely rubber base machine has problems, need to check the brackets.

Check the equipment in the car such as the lights, Horn, signals whether the normal operation does not, at the same time, check air conditioning see conditioning deep? If cold or cold not less then very likely cooler has a problem, or clogged or leaking.

To test the Steering, need the number. Lightly massage steering see worn more often, no new car steering when rubbed lightly feeling the ripple of the hands as there is a layer of gauze. Feel the thorns worn more or less that the previous owner had used the assessment of how the car. Check the need of also the same.

Then should test drive, test drive a distance as far as possible to feel the car. Avoid test drive in the flat where the more ghồ more gề feel the system chassis as well as reduce the care of airport activity.