Top 10 best-selling cars: TOYOTA is unmarketable!

Last February, the automobile market experienced a sudden decrease in level of sales because of a big corporation’s decrease (Toyota)-with a series of models outweighed by relevant competitors.

According to Vietnam Automobile Manufactures Association, after increasing by 16% over the first month, the market sales level fell 5% to 11,718 units sold in February. This is the first time the market sales level saw such a substantial decrease after 34 months of continuous growth. 

Generally calculating in February, Vietnam automobile market sold total 34,883 units, which increased 8% compared with same period. Particularly, travel cars sales fell 9%, while commercial car and specialized car sales rose 50% for both. 

The market sales decline comes mostly from the decline of Toyota, with a 17% decrease, reached nearly 2,400 units of cars sold. In particular, last February, Vios saw a significant decrease of 34% lower than same period, with 340 units sod and came second place. Ford Ranger ranked first with 660 units sold, which rose up to 247% compared with same period. Generally calculating in 2 months, Vios was still leading, but it made only a 1% increase over the same period. Ranger, which rose 193% in sales level, made the absolute distance to about 130 cars.

With nearly 590 cars sold last month, Kia Morning still stood at No. 3.Toyota Innova was pushed to No. 4 with respectively 580 and more than 1,500 units sold. Thanks to an increase of over 170% with 510 cars sold, Mazda3 came 5th place and continued to stand at segment C.

In the second half of the top 10, for the first time in years, Toyota Fortuner dip into 6th place with 486 units sold last month, dropped 6% over the same period. Honda CR-V overtook the rival Mazda CX-5 with a distance of nearly 20 units sold in in February, but still left behind its rival with almost 200 units if calculated the first 2 months overall. CR-V was luckily in the top 10 in the first 2 months of the year, which was sold merely 3 more cars than Toyota Camry. 

Last month, Ford Ecosport had the opportunity to return to the top 10 in the final position with a slight increase of 2% over the same period, and still stood behind Kia Rio-with an increase of over 20%. The 2 best-selling car models Kia Rio and K3 world were firmly in the No. 8 and 9.