Top of the best family car in 2016

Many 2016 family car version are launched into the market that are highly anticipated by users. Below is a list of 11 best cars Business Insider magazine poll.

In the end of the year and the beginning of a new spring, demand car consuming is highly increasingly. As a result, the family car market back up excitement than ever.

Based on characteristics such as the space inside the spacious, smooth engine, easily controlled and reasonable price, the magazine Business Insider has compiled a list of 11 pieces of the best cars in 2016 for the readers attention to family cars.

The familiar car  names in this list include Honda Civic, Toyota Highlander, Hyundai Sonata, ... are present in this list.

1. Honda Civic

The first car in the list of templates that is also considered as the best family car in 2016will be the product of Honda - Civic in 2016.
The first car in the list of templates the best family car in 2016 was the product of Honda - Civic in 2016.

2. Honda Accord

Besides Honda Civic, "brother" 2016 Honda Accord is also in this list. It is equipped hailed as spacious, high quality and powerful drivetrain.

3. Kia Optima 3

Kia Optima has reached list as a mid-range cars worth buying most Korean sedan 2016. This striking owns the design by handy for families as well as its premium features.

4. Hyundai Sonata

In addition, this list also has the appearance of Hyundai Sonata. The presence of the Sonata is so affordable, long-term warranty, easy to control and does not lose its value when resold.
Its expected sale price is about $ 21,300 

5. Chevrolet Malibu

2016 version of the Chevrolet was appreciated by the safety, comfort and interior design style is extremely trendy.
Estimated sales $ 22,500

6. Chevrolet Impala 6

Size version of the Chevrolet Impala term received much praise from users by stylish modern furniture and spacious as well as the system of high-tech equipment inside the car.
Estimated sales $ 27,535

7. Honda CR-V

Over the years, the Honda CR-V has become the benchmark for cars in the household segment car lines KBB web dinh.Trang described CR-V models with features such as a spacious interior space, calculated highly flexible, practical and do not lose much value upon resale.

8. Honda HR-V

2016 version of the Honda HR-V model crossover is one of the optimal choice of the user. According to KBB page, this Honda vehicle rear seat is quite spacious and very appropriate size while moving in the city.
Price: $ 29,995

9. Honda Pilot

Honda again, becomes  a product in the list of templates the best family cars of 2016. Because of the fact that Honda SUV models has always been known for good quality and high technology.
Price: $ 29,665

10. Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander is a 7-seat SUV. According to KBB, Highlander is a combination of the spatial features comfortable, convenient features and powerful powertrain. "
Estimated sales $ 38,000

11. Nissan Pathfinder

Nissan Pathfinder models are highly preferred due to the fatc that many users love the excellent engine and extremely helpful dome camera. In addition, Flex and EZ Glide system for children is also a plus point for this family model.

Estimated sales $ 30,680