These Guys 3D Printed a Jet Engine

We're not sure whether it's feasible to print a whole fighter jet at home quite yet, but some Australian researchers have done the next best thing. They 3D printed an entire jet engine. For now, it's an awesome project. In the future, bringing 3D printing to constructing jet engines could leaves to light, easier-to-craft parts and less waste in the building process.

In this proof-of-concept by Monash University, Deakin University, and Amaero Engineering, the team took an older engine like that in the Falcon 20 by Safran and recreated it with a 3D printer, partly with the help of lasers that helped melt and mold the metals in the new engine. The researchers have a lot of testing to do to find out how printed parts can stand up to the rigors of a working engine. Someday soon, though, the aerospace industry could be primed for customized, ready-made parts that can be easily printed for repairs.

Source: Phys.orgMashable