Xbox One sales rose 51% in June YOY

Sales of both the PS4 and Xbox One have been strong since their release but Microsoft has had tocontend with second place as far as overall sales go, a result of poor pricing and marketing decisions early on. The company has made amends, however, by improving its policies and even undercutting the price of the PS4 through a permanent discount on the console. These measures seem to have paid off.

Aaron Greenberg, Head of Marketing for Xbox Games, today tweeted that sales of the Xbox One in June rose 51% compared to last year and even outshone the PS4 during the week of E3:

This was no doubt as a result of the Xbox's lineup for E3 being the most awarded in its history, with 242 nominations and 110 wins. Overall, though, strong sales of the Arkham Knight PS4 bundles gave the edge to Sony for total sales in June.

Microsoft has been making strides toward rectifying its earlier mistakes, and supporting its gaming community better, with various improvements such as making Kinect an optional add-on, reducing the price of the Xbox One, churning out a strong lineup of first party and exclusive games and now allowing for native backward compatibility for Xbox 360 games on its current generation console.