Self-driving cars of Uber reveal hot images

HA picture is said to be the self-driving car being developed Uber Pittsburgh Business Times newspaper has been posted to the Internet. According to reports, there are many people in the city of Pittsburgh to see it is testing in close research center based technology of Uber.

This car has been identified as a Ford Fusion with the inscription Uber Advanced Technologies Center on the chassis, along with a Lidar laser sensors placed on the roof. The device was originally quite familiar with Google's self-driving cars, so the more people guessing

Self-driving cars is becoming a business area quite smoking house from the turn of General Motors, Nissan and Volvo and to Google, even Apple also poured money into developing it. If Uber really involved and the market, they can take advantage of a lot of their available services.

However, Uber has denied this information when confirmed this vehicle is part of the mapping project with a security system for their taxi service. It is unclear how real damage but more likely things are not as simple as saying Uber.