BMW X2 revealed, confrontation Range Rover Evoque

Hotnewstoday360: German car maker BMW is investing in development X2, X1 and larger crossover smaller X3 to compete directly with rivals in the luxury segment is the Range Rover Evoque.

An unnamed engineer of BMW has just revealed to Autocar magazine (UK) that German carmakers prepare the first prototype of X2 to the test on the road after 2 years of development. Expectedly, X2 will be designed in the style Coupe hybrid similar to what BMW has done with X4 and X6 are two seniors. If you look you will see X line of German carmaker carries two different schools of design, version of "X even" will own unique design by BMW Coupe hybrid development, "X odd" to ownership designed like a boxy crossover-SUV tradition.

With Coupe hybrid design, X2 will have four traditional doors and rear doors designed for roof slopes from pillar B claw to tail the car. Under the hood, BMW can equip 3 X2 engine and 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol and two diesel versions, depending on the market. Most likely codename B48 engine was fitted to the 2-Series Tourer 231 horsepower capacity will be upgraded to 300 horsepower will be available in high-performance version of the "M" of X2.

BMW X2 will compete directly rival the Range Rover Evoque

The rumor also suggests X2 will have two front-wheel drive variants and the 2 wheels. In addition, the 2-door version will be sold alongside the traditional 4-door version. Expectedly, BMW X2 will be launched next year at the Geneva auto show before officially marketed from 2017.