Number of bodies buried in mass graves of IS exceed 3000

Iraqi soldiers perform ritual salute beside the graves of soldiers Shi'ite terrorist IS Camp Speicher

The evidence of the barbaric crimes of terrorism IS published recently showed that the number of people executed in the mass graves of terrorism IS has surpassed 3,000.

The number of bodies were discovered in the tomb of terrorism IS has surpassed 3000 after the mass murder of the terrorist group in the city of Tikrit, Iraq was revealed Monday 7/4. Mass graves by terrorist groups in Iraq and IS generate Syria has been identified. Aggregate numbers of victims were executed and buried in mass graves were up to 3071. This figure does not count the number of civilians killed and those who died in clashes with terrorist groups.

9 months ago, the radical Islamists claimed to have captured and killed 1700 people at Camp Speicher, a US military base in Tikrit when troops sweep through northern Iraq, occupied the city of Tikrit and Mosul. A report by the Observatory for Human Rights confirmed that about 500 members of the Yazidi sect were found dead in the area of Sinjar, north of Iraq. Some women and children were buried alive, according to Iraqi officials. Last month 12/2014, a mass grave of 230 bodies were discovered Shaitaat tribes in Deir el-area Zour province of Syria, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

In May 10/2014, Human Rights group Human Rights Watch published a report describing in detail the report of the survivors of the massacre of 600 Shia prisoners in prison last June Badoush outskirts of the city of Mosul. Currently there are many graves in the area of terrorism IS control undetected. In January this year, 16 bodies were found in the village Koubashi Province Khanaqin northeast of Baghdad, once persecuted IS control. In February, 25 people Yazidi found in a mass grave in a village northwest of Iraq Sinuni.

Iraq forensic teams are conducting the search for bodies in mass graves of terrorism IS

The total number of people killed by the group calling itself the Islamic State of cause in fact much higher than the figures from the mass graves were discovered. A UN report published last month 10/2014 revealed that more than 5,500 people have been killed in Iraq since the start of this terrorist attack since July 6. Kamil Amin, a representative Iraq's Ministry of Human Rights said the excavation work was carried out in 8 different locations in the area of Presidential palace in Tikrit, where Former President Saddam Hussein lived.

Attack of the Iraqi army in the city of Tikrit, with the support of force Shia majority has achieved initial success, quickly recaptured several towns on the outskirts. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has claimed victory in the city. However, despite holding the upper hand over terrorists IS, attacks will take longer than expected by hundreds explosive device detonated IED may at any time and Iraq lacks engineers to dismantle the material in debt.