The heyday was back to the field of technology in the world?

After 15 years since the bubble burst "dot-com," the common name of Internet technology companies, high-tech sectors again "high flying" with the amount of capital investment hit a record high and raises new concerns about the risk of the business value of technology is overblown.

A survey of the Group Ernst & Young (EY) for 3512 and 2014 witnessed mergers and acquisitions (M & A) in the technology sector with a total value of USD 237.6 billion, the the highest since 2000.

The report said the outlook for M & A activity in 2015 is still quite strong and there are no signs that this trend hypothermia.

According to analyst Brenon Daly's research firm 451 Research, investors in the technology sector and the officials in charge of the plan / program development firms implies they will have a "season" M & A busy than in 2015.

Research Report 451 or M & A activity will be more active in the coming months in the "array" of mobile technology, security and data storage services on the Internet.

Meanwhile, according to CB Insights research organization that tracks trends capital flows, companies and startups like Uber Snapchat values are now increasing with new capital inflows continue to pour in. There are 38 technology firms have joined Club business billion in 2014, of which 25 companies in the US.

Part of the boom above also come from giants like Apple, "the giant tech guy" has broken all records for profits "crisis" $ 18 billion in quarter 4/2014, and online commerce business Alibaba (China) has raised a record $ 25 billion through the issuance of shares of initial public offering (IPO).

Market research firm PwC said 2014 was the year "boom" in the past decade of IPO activity in the global technology sector. However, the crucial question for investors looking for profits in the technology sector is whether the high value "towering" This is the sign indicating a strong growth prospects the company's strong technology or merely acts speculative nature.

While the value of the car sharing service Uber increased sharing service Airbnb's accommodation was determined at US $ 10 billion (similar to the messaging app Snapchat image and data storage services on Internet Dropbox), then the value of sharing music service Spotify is $ 7 billion.

The above investments appear with the emergence of social business networking application Facebook Whatsapp bid for $ 22 billion.

According to analyst Roger Kay of Endpoint Technologies Associates, the value of the enterprise technology has exceeded normal but he noted that "the current situation is completely different from 2000, when people sleeping on the battlefield win and that's golden age never ends. Now, they have a certain vigilance. "

EY's report said the current value of the enterprise technology closer to reality than in 2000 and this is not a development nature bubble.

Some analysts say the technology index Nasdaq, is considered to be a function test measurements represent the situation "health" of the industry, has yet to recover from a record high of 5,100 points in March / 2000. Analyst Michael Stiller's Advisory Services of Nasdaq, said the technology sector "generally have lower values compared to 1999 and the company now has the business model more realistic.

He said the situation is completely different now. There are 3 billion people use Internet services worldwide, an increase of 7.5 times more than the 400 million people in 2000. Many ideas rekindled in 2000 far more feasible, while the scale the technology market was 8 times larger than the period 15 years ago.

Mr. Stiller noted that, although the value of some businesses to look beyond technology seems too high, but in fact the company was growing and had revenue and net profit. The large technology companies is a lot of money and cash flows running to many other areas in the industry. Huge profits of the enterprise technology is shown actually right in bookkeeping, not only are the estimates of "heaven".