The company Kohler introduces a new sensor technology in kitchen equipment

Kitchen equipment brand, famous Kohler bathroom has launched kitchen appliances impressive application of modern technology with exquisite design brings interesting life experiences to users.

Notably motion sensing technology of new generation, with high sensitivity and precision applications in Sensate kitchen faucet.

DockNetikTM magnetic system integration in the form of spray drawstring to increase the convenience for the user. Faucet handles on the body to help regulate water temperature quickly even when taps are running.

Prolific kitchen sink made from stainless steel, built-in tools to help the kitchen easier, faster, more convenient and neat.

Technology SilentShield® unique sound absorption reduces the sound and echo exit from the dishes or running water, giving you a quiet space.

Besides, Kohler also introduced the kitchen cabinets Purist design towards minimalist modern, no-frills, contributing to "widen" the kitchen space.

Along with Sensate kitchen faucet sensors, Prolific kitchen sink, the kitchen cabinets Purist brings beauty kitchen space harmonious performance, aesthetics, convenience and safety to help you create a kitchen not only served hobby cook for themselves and their families but also a place to inspire you every day.