Funeral home employee freaked when she turned coffin specific resurrection

A funeral home employee in Germany was afraid to faint when he's coffin lid stood suddenly, and the woman inside of a question "Where am I?".

According to The Mirror, 92-year-old woman is confirmed to have died at a nursing home in the city of Gelsenkirchen several hours earlier. She was taken to the funeral home Munstermann.

Staff said the funeral home after awoke, he saw the old woman lying in a coffin with his eyes wide open. He checked her pulse, then called an ambulance to take her to a hospital in particular localities. Family grandmother was also informed that she had died.

Police have launched an investigation with the doctor and the nurse confirmed grandmother had died last Sunday night.

According to a report, the lady is a care worker found in a room in a nursing home and is said to have stopped breathing. The doctor was called in later confirmed she died before taking her to the funeral home.

He Lother Burger, director of the nursing home where she lived Tools said: "This is a terrible incident, and we can not explain it. Nursing homes are now under pressure from the media, as well as criticism.