Former hostage IS recounted the times executioner maneuvers executed

Portrait of specialist IS rebels executed foreign hostages was nicknamed "John Jihad"

Javier Espinosa, Spanish journalist who had been held extremist Islamic State (IS) hostage for more than 6 months, has narrated face time 'John Jihad' during these maneuvers executed IS .

Espinosa, longtime journalist specializing in reporting on the newspaper El Mundo Middle East, and Ricardo Garcia Vilanova photojournalist was freed after 194 days in May 3.2014 IS being held hostage, the Sunday Times (UK) reported .

IS warned Espinosa not been told of this organization with the media, if not they will treat you the same cell. But because these people were decapitated after Spanish journalist was released, so he decided to expose time in captivity with the media.

Mention "John Jihad", the rebels IS specialists perform executions of foreign hostages are believed to be the original English name Mohammed Emwazi Kuwait, Espinosa said that this name was used methods of torture both physically and spirit to torment her and 20 other hostages.

"It felt? Cold, is not it? You can imagine the pain that you will feel the knife into it? Will pain imaginable ", Emwazi told Spanish journalists when this name was holding his neck adjacent machetes.

"The first strike will make the blood vessels of the eye. The blood will mix with the saliva of an eyebrow. 2nd slash neck will break you. Once there, you will not be able to breathe through the nose, but only by the throat. You will make funny sounds from the throat. I witnessed then, all of us now are writhing like animals, such as pigs. 3rd strike will leave your head neck. I'll put you on the back of the skull, "executioner IS bullying.

Espinosa said Emwazi longer gun, put it in his temporal, and pulled the trigger, only to cause panic Espinosa, not taking online Spanish hostages because it's unloaded, according to the Sunday Times.

The executioner IS also forced the prisoners describing the victims were executed and sit back to pick out who among them will be executed first.

Espinosa said he had met with staff of humanitarian activities Kassig American Peter, who was beheaded in November.

"When I realized I was American and former military personnel serving in Iraq, they were mad," Espinosa quoted Kassig, according to the Sunday Times.

"They hung me from the ceiling and beat me. They took me to the balcony, and then I hung suspended in the air. I thought they would execute me right there, "said Espinosa Kassig.

Espinosa admitted Western hostages are treated better local hostages, because they are worth more to barter.

Espinosa initially detained in the basement of a villa in the city of Aleppo (Syria), then transported to Raqqa, which is said to be the lair of IS in Syria. There, he and the other hostages hear Syrian soldiers and civilians were taken prisoner IS beaten continuously across the cell wall and ends with gunshots.