Detect some breast cancers related to silicone breast augmentation

French National Cancer Institute (INCA) on 17/3, said the scientists at the agency has found a clear association between a rare form of breast cancer in women with breast augmentation with silicone bags.

Inca said between 2011 and now has 18 women with a rare form of cancer, called ALCL (anaplastic large cell stands lymphoma).

ALCL is a type of non-Hodgin's lymphoma involving the degradation of large lymphocytes. The disease occurs when cancer cells cysts surrounded material implanted in the mammary gland structure of the patient.

14 out of 18 cases of ALCL rare cancers occur in women who take breast enhancement in the US pharmaceutical company Allergan.

However, the company insists they always put "the safety of patients is a top priority," said Allergan also collaborated closely with health agencies and pharmaceutical management agency ANSM French during breast implant patients.

Prior information, the French Health Minister Marisol Touraine was immediately reassured those who had breast augmentation and emphasis complications from breast augmentation implants cause cancer ALCL strangers are rare.

The previous scientific studies have also showed that the number of each edit, cosmetic breast augmentation surgery are at risk for breast cancer 3 times higher than those without implants breast lift.

The researchers believe that breast augmentation will create shadows on chest X-ray film, which can obstruct views of experts on the detection of breast tumors. The result is the early detection of tumors that are easily overlooked, reducing the chances of survival of the patient.

According ANSM, 400,000 French women have breast augmentation surgery, 80% because of aesthetic reasons and 20% as a result of breast cancer.