Ability French Mistral warship handed to Russia is 'extremely low'

Interfax news agency citing senior Russian Defense Ministry said that the possibility France handed the Mistral warship to Russia is very low, and in this context, the Russian side is "quite satisfied" when receiving compensation case co.

"The Russian authorities responsible for military technical cooperation continues to have connections with the French Mistral handover issues, but this time the ability to handover the helicopter landing ships for Russia is extremely low, "- source in the Russian Defense Ministry said.

"We sometimes have contact with the French partner. From the nature of these meetings can be seen that the reliability of resolving this situation and Russia can still get the Mistral fact that zero, "- the source explained.

He revealed that the return of the vehicle has spent the closing of French warships would also satisfy the Russian side.

Meanwhile, according to the source, "the combat capability of the Russian fleet is not compromised anything because this seizure."

Russia and France signed a contract to provide two Russian Navy warship Mistral class helicopter landings in 2011. The contract is valued at 1.2 billion euros.

The first should have been handed over to Russia in May 11/2014. However, due to pressure from NATO allies, primarily American, French leaders have refused to implement the agreed commitments citing concerns the situation in eastern Ukraine.

The Russian side has expressed a desire to enter the ship in accordance with the terms of commitments. In the opposite case, Moskva require compensation under the contract is signed.