Five upwardly mobile speakers to ensure the party follows you indoors, outdoors, into the shower

More music on the go ... the B&O Play BeoPlay A2. Source: Supplied

THERE’S only so much fun you can have listening to music from your phone ... unless you add a powerful, portable speaker to the mix.

Braven Mira

Sol Republic / 3.5/5 / $129.99 /

Braven Mira speaker. Source: Supplied

If you’re a shower singer, this could be the speaker for you. The Mira has a rubber cover over its ports and an IPX5 water rating that means it’s just the thing to hang off a tap in the shower using the hook that doubles as a stand. Leave your phone safely in another room and you can control play and volume using large buttons around the edge of its circular face. It also doubles as a phone speaker, although you probably want to get out of the shower before you take a call.

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A2

Bang & Olufsen / 4.5/5 / $479 /

B&O Play BeoPlay A2 speakers. Source: Supplied

It’s hard not to be impressed by the style and quality of this speaker, with its retro look and leather handle. An aluminium core is covered by a polymer shell, giving the portable device added toughness. The design has a channel on each side of the box, plus a tweeter out back, delivering a genuine 360-degree sound experience with surprisingly little distortion at full volume. You can connect your audio device using Bluetooth or an auxiliary port, and it also has a USB port for charging devices. The A2 also offers a battery life of up to 24 hours and can be wirelessly paired with up to eight devices.

BenQ TreVolo

BenQ / 4/5 / $399 /

BenQ TreVolo speaker. Source: Supplied

The TreVolo stands out from the ever-increasing wireless speaker crowd in two ways: appearance and structure. It’s a small, wedge-shaped speaker that will fit in a corner, but the two side flaps fold out to fill a room with sound. It uses electrostatic technology that uses a flat-panel design rather than a traditional speaker cone. It is pitched at the audiophile with a keen ear, being programmed with three presets to suit the music. There are cheaper speakers on the market but its features will appeal to those looking for more than just a basic speaker.

Definitive Technology W7

Definitive Technology / 3.5/5 / $649 /

Definitive Technology W7 Source: Supplied

It might not win beauty contests but this speaker has a method to its form, with the cube shape allowing music to bounce off walls. The W7 only uses wi-fi or Ethernet connections for music streaming, rather than Bluetooth, which might make it fiddly to set up. It is part of a wider family of speakers capable of playing different music in every room and from different sources, including streaming services. If you’re looking to invest in a family of speakers, this offers a credible alternative to the brands already popular in that market.

NudeAudio Super M

NudeAudio / 4/5 / $149 /

NudeAudio Super M speaker. Source: Supplied

The large version of the Super M is about the size of a pocket transistor radio but infinitely cooler. It has an IPX5 rating so it’s okay to take into the shower (using the handy shoelace-like cord) but don’t try to listen to music underwater. It has a 10m Bluetooth range and an eight-hour battery life. A silicon bumper sleeve protects it from knocks, and it offers a few simple buttons including on, off and volume control. It doubles as a phone speaker and although it’s small, it delivers sound quality close to some of the others on this page.